Antique Oak Furniture
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Recent Arrivals:

Shown below are some of the items of antique oak and walnut furniture that have recently arrived to our inventory.  They are all shown in the condition that we purchased them in, and are priced to reflect as such.  Should a piece of furniture catch your eye that you would like to purchase, we can always refinish the item if you so desire.  The prior pages of our site are loaded with examples of the superior quality of our finish. The next page of our Recent Arrivals category also shows some recent arrivals to our inventory, with several pieces of walnut and oak antique furniture. We like to buy heavily carved pieces of oak furniture, but we also buy walnut, rosewood, and mahogany furniture as well.  If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call or drop us an email.   

George hunzinger lollipop hunzinger parlor lollipop set

            Item #RA1

Every now and then you get lucky and stumble across something special.  That's exactly what I did with this lollipop parlor set by George Hunzinger.  I've seen lollipop rockers before, and I've seen lollipop settees before.  I've never come across a Hunzinger lollipop settee and two matching Hunzinger lollipop rockers before though.  My heart skipped a beat when I realized what I was seeing when I first laid eyes on them.  It's rare to find one of these famous Hunzinger lollipop pieces, let alone three!  The craftsmanship of Hunzinger amazes me.  These pieces are 130 years old, and are still solid and functional.  The two rockers have the Hunzinger label on the bottom showing the Sept. 20th, 1882 patent.  The rockers are in fantastic shape.  The settee you can tell was used more in it's time, but it too is still solid and in really good shape.  This is stuff you won't see very often folks!    


Price:  $6,500



Antique oak furniture American oak china cabinet antique

             Item #RA2

Talk about a beautiful oak china cabinet!  This is one of my personal favorites out of our many china cabinets to choose from.  This gorgeous oak china cabinet doesn't have the famous maker thing going for it, but it is still a beautiful and impressive cabinet.  It has so many unique attributes to it that it really stands out.  From the lion-head carvings, to the neat-designed beveled mirrors, the claw feet, the columns on the hood, etc...  It has a lot going for it.  One of the things I like best about the cabinet is the oak itself.  This is some of the nicest oak I've seen.  It's beautiful.  If a great big tiger stripe is something you look for in oak furniture, this cabinet will surely impress you too.  It's a big cabinet, both tall and wide.  Original glass, mirrors, and shelves.  Everything's there, and it's in great condition.  Dimensions: 
Price:  $4,500

antique furniture oak sideboard

               Item #RA3

R. J. Horner oak sideboard, ca. 1895.  Note the scrolled egg centered above the mirror.  Heavily carved and designed for a lot of use.  Tremendous storage capability with this claw-footed piece.  One of the heaviest sideboards I've had.  This piece measures  72" wide x 24" deep x 58" tall.  Note the tremendously carved drawer pulls on this piece of antique oak furniture.  This piece is part of a two-piece set with item #RA4.


Price for the sideboard:  $6,500


Price for the set:  $12,500

RJ Horner China Cabinet

           Item #RA4

R.J. Horner oak china cabinet with plate glass shelves and mirrored back. Original quarter-sawn oak finish.  This beautiful piece of antique oak furniture is extremely heavily carved with curved glass all around and claw feet.  The china cabinet measures 66" T x 55" W x 22" D.  This is part of a two piece set with item #RA3.


Price for the china cabinet:  $6,950


Price for the set:  $12,500

antique leaded glass oak sideboard oak oak

                 Item #RA5

This is one of the more unique pieces we have.  This is a beautiful leaded glass piece that really has a unique design to it.  This is actually a Canadian piece made right at the turn of the century, and is designed to be one of the most useful pieces of furniture a person can own.  There's the cabinet section to the piece which has the original wooden shelves with plate grooves along with the beveled mirror back.  Then there's an upper cabinet portion with the original beveled mirror.  You have two large storage areas behind the mirrored doors at the base of the piece.  Two uniquely styled drawers pull out from the base as well.  There's a large drawer with tons of storage.  Then there's even two small felt-lined drawers thrown into the mix.  Did I mention the huge, original beveled mirror in the center as well as the original leaded glass?  The design is truly incredible on this piece.  It's made of oak and is solid as a rock.  This is an amazing piece.  


Price:  $5,995


           Item #RA6

Nice sized solid oak china cabinet with curved glass, carved lion heads down the front posts, and beautiful carving across the front above the door.  Mirror backs, four glass shelves, and claw feet all around.  This piece of antique oak furniture measures 66" T x 48" W x 19" D.


Price:  $3,500