RJ Horner 5-piece Bedroom set
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RJ Horner bedroom set dresser

The dresser to the 5 piece RJ Horner set is a very impressive piece--perhaps the best piece to the entire set.


Beautiful bed to the RJ Horner bedroom set.  Fits a standard size matress.  Dimensions:  71" T x 66" W x 82" L.


The cheval mirror really helps this set stand out.  5-piece sets are getting rare.  Dimensions:  72" T x 31" W x 20" D.


The highboy is absolutely beautiful.  This piece alone could command a very lofty price.  Dimensions:  75" T x 40" W x 24" D.


The Vanity to the RJ Horner set.  What a pretty little piece this is!  Dimensions:  64" T x 42" W x 22" D.