Leaded Glass Oak Sideboard
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antique oak leaded glass sideboard leaded glass oak

A nice shot of the piece.  Like I said, it has a unique design and is extremely functional. 

antique leaded glass oak sideboard antique leaded

The two cabinet areasboth have the original leaded glass in the front.  Hard to take a photo because the light gleams in so many directions.  It's beautiful though.

antique oak leaded glass sideboard leaded glass

Like I mentioned, this piece is so useful!  There are doors for storage, the big wide drawer. the narrow deep drawer, the little drawers.  Very useful.

antique oak leaded glass oak sideboard leaded oak

I should mention the piece has all of the original hardware, and it has the original key that works the still functional locks on the cabinet doors and drawers.

antique oak leaded glass leaded glass leaded glass

Nice look at the carved top.  A truly impressive piece of antique oak furniture.