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Refinished - Restored Furniture:
Shown below are some of the pieces of refinished / restored furniture we carry.  On this page alone you'll find pieces from Wooton, Thomas Brooks, and RJ Horner.  You will find even more top furniture makers in the rest of our refinished / restored furniture section of our website.  For a full listing, please drop us a line at jackorjohn@timelessantiquities.com, or give us a call.  We'll be happy to discuss our inventory.
We are a small shop that normally runs a small inventory of choice furniture pieces.  We do not buy pieces to fill out a load.  We only buy from reputable dealers.  Every piece of furniture is scrutinized closely with the intent of buying only those items that meet a certain criteria that includes:  1. Rarity or scarcity,  2. The "look", 3. A signed or attributable piece, 4. Condition  (can we fix it?), 5. Price---last on the list because we believe that if it is what meets your criteria, and you have the money to buy it, THEN BUY IT!!  You may never get another chance.  There are worse things than taking it home if you don't sell it.  

refinished restored furniture Wooton desk

Item #RF1

Here it is folks!  The King of Desks, completely restored to its magnificent grandeur.  Wooton Standard (possibly extra) Grade patented "Everything in its place" desk.  As with our Thomas Brooks bedroom set and our Mitchell and Rammelsberg etagere, we restored the original finish as opposed to stripping it.  The results could not be better.  The beautiful combination of walnut, burled walnut, and birds-eye maple wood, and the original stain color has been perfectly blended in this restoration.  The simplicity and yet the complexity of these desks is fascinating.  All of the hinges and the other hardware found on this desk are original.  These desks are being claimed by the occupants of the White House and other capitol buildings around the nation.  Almost all of the rest are in museums or estates that may never put them on the market again.  What does that tell you?  It is possible some of us may never get another shot at one of these desks that have played a big role in the history of American antiques.  The pictures on the website say it all.  This incredible, restored piece of furniture measures: 70" T x 40" W x 30" D.


Price:  $24,000

refinished restored furniture RJ Horner china cabinet
          Item #RF2

R.J. Horner oak china cabinet, ca. 1900.  What doesn't it have?  Tremendously carved gladiators, claw feet all around with faces carved on all four feet, relief carved Mephistopheles figures with other relief carving on the front posts, "J" bend curved glass sides, mirrored back and plate-glass shelves, massive size (as noted below), and an original "Philip Strobel and Sons" brass plate on the cabinet's back!  Strobel and Sons was one of New York City's finest retailers of top-of-the-line furniture during this era.  If you've been looking for THAT china cabinet, your search is over!  Measures 70" T x 68" W x 19" D.


Price:  $14,950

refinished restored furniture Thomas Brooks Bed
refinished restored furniture Thomas Brooks Dresser

            Item #RF3

For those among us who do not recognize the genius of the craftsman who created this tremendous 2 piece bedroom suite, let me introduce you to Thomas Brooks.  I have worked on a few pieces made by Brooks over the years, but this set is beyond compare!  The theme of the round discs used by Brooks is certainly dominant on these 2 pieces.  Though not signed, it screams the maker's name.  Solid walnut with masterful placement of the burled walnut veneers is simply beautiful.  The bed rails are 30" tall at the headboard!  It is a standard double bed size that stands 98" tall.  The dresser is equally as tall and sports the original mirror as well as the original pulls on the drawers.  The base of the dresser has a large hidden drawer just below the large drawer with pulls at the bottom of the piece.  The three pieces of white marble are original and in good condition.  The candlestands and fancily carved finials on the dresser and headboard are amazing.  I just can't imagine the skill required to construct those pieces alone!  We chose to restore the original finish on the set to capture the truly beautiful color of this walnut wood.  Thomas Brooks created this set around 1860-1870, and it has been restored to carry on for another 150 years!  I am very honored to have been a part of the restoration of this piece of American history!  The bed measures 98" T x 68" W.  The dresser measures 98" T x 52" W x 19" D (The top crowns on both pieces are held on by two screws and reduces the height on each by approximately 7" if removed).  


Price:  $19,500 

Antique oak Horner like Sideboard refinished oak
          Item #RF4

Now, I've seen my share of sideboards.  I've seen my share of really nice sideboards.  But I have to say, in all honesty, that I haven't seen many better than this guy!  This is a tremendous oak hooded sideboard of the highest quality.  Let me start off by saying I'm not 100% sure of who the maker of this piece is.  I'm not positive it's an R.J. Horner piece.  And I'm not going to play around with phrases like, "In the style of Horner," or "R.J. Horner like carving."  I'm just not sure.  It's not signed or labeled, so there is always a little doubt.  Could it be a Horner?  I suppose.  Does it matter to me?  Not really.  I don't care when it comes to this piece.  If it wasn't done by Horner, then it was done by somebody with his ability, if not better!  This piece is amazing.  It dates to right around 1900 or so, and is one of the highest quality pieces we have.  We found a date of either 1903 or 1905 on the back of the mirror.  It was hard to tell.  The piece is made of beautiful golden oak, and it is carved like there is no tomorrow.  Drawer fronts and pulls, door fronts, support legs, huge lion feet, lions guarding the front, and on and on.  This piece has the largest carved front feet I have ever seen on a piece of furniture.  They are massive!  Huge clawed feet.  This is a powerful, POWERFUL piece of furniture.  Even the drawer bottoms have beautiful quarter sawn oak in them.  This is quality, and for a good price.  We've masterfully refinished it inside and out, and it's ready for another 100 years of life.  You can maybe find a nicer one, and I emphasize maybe, but you won't find it for our price.


Price:  $7,900

refinished restored furniture oak hall tree

            Item #RF5

There's been a lot of talk about the king of hall trees.  Well, this is our king.  This quarter-sawn oak tree is by far the best of our best.  Ca. 1890, this hall tree has been repaired and refinished inside and out.  Note the heavily carved crown, the Bombay sided bench, the best original hooks, the nearly 2" beveled mirror, the beautiful oak stain, the rubbed-out lacquer finish, and the size of this tree:  90" tall x 64" wide x 18" deep.  It truly weighs at least 250 pounds.  What an item for the entry that can handle this masterpiece! 


Price:  $14,950

refinished restored furniture - renaissance revival

            Item #RF6

Test time!  I have a pair of very important night stands carved from the finest French walnut.  The carving on this pair is unbelievable.  The pieces appear to be Renaissance Revival, circa 1890.  I believe these nightstands had to be a special order from a customer through a retailer, or more likely, directly from a manufacturer.  I strongly feel these stands were part of a tremendous bedroom suite, and in time they became separated from the set.  I also feel, along with other dealers I've consulted, they may be the only such night stands in existence.  These are knowledgeable dealers I have been dealing with for 35+ years!  The night stands measure 33" T x 22" W x 16" D.  
Price:  $9,500

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