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Payment Options: 
         As payment, Timeless Antiquities proudly accepts Visa and Mastercard.  We also accept cash, personal or business checks, cashier's checks, and money orders.  Because of today's environment, you will be required to wait for all but cash payments to clear before we release any merchandise.  Checks and Money orders should be made payable to: Timeless Antiquities.  California residents who do not have a valid resale license will be charged the 8.975% sales tax California requires.  
       It is important to note that ALL financial records are kept private by Timeless Antiquities, as is ALL personal information given by our customers.      
Delivery and Shipping:
        All smalls, including glassware and small furniture items (e.g. fernstands) will be handled by UPS.  We will gladly take the items to our local UPS store at no fee to youHowever, shipping costs and insurance costs will be borne by the purchaser.  We will gladly make all the arrangements with UPS to get your piece delivered.  It is taken for granted that the purchaser is of course free to make their own arrangements for shipping and delivery.
        In regards to larger furniture items, Timeless Antiquities does offer delivery service--though it does have certain limitations.  As mentioned on our home page, we are located in the heart of central California.  We make local deliveries (within 50 miles) for free to our customers.  We also offer low cost delivery to anywhere in California on purchases of our larger furniture items.  Should we damage something during transport, we will solve the problem ourselves at no cost to the purchaser.  Out of state deliveries are also possible through Timeless Antiquities.  If this is the case on your purchase, delivery would be openly discussed by both parties as to cost, timing, and feasibility. 
       Another possibility could be delivery by a furniture moving company which specializes in antiques.  Listed below are several companies and their information.  They offer nationwide delivery services at competitive rates.  Insurance is also offered by the shippers, but again, that is a cost that will be borne by the purchaser.  As with anything that is delivered to your home or business, make sure to inspect the item upon receipt.  It was shipped in prime condition; make sure it arrives that way.
     Craters and Freighters                                 Transit Systems Inc.
              of San Jose                                1-800-749-0485
     Phone: 408-392-9722                             M-F  8:30 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
     Toll Free: 800-993-7688                                           (ET)
     Fax: 408-392-9752                                 www.transitsystems.com
       Customers of Timeless Antiquities are also more than welcome to come by and pick up their merchandise, but because we are a private residence, you will need to make an appointment.  We only show pieces and move pieces by appointment.
Return Policy:  
      Our policy on furniture items is quite simple:  Our furniture may be anywhere from 80 to 200 years old.  It may be completely refinished or restored, or it may be as is.  But, because of its age, it cannot be made new!  My father has been restoring and refinishing antique furniture since 1968.  We will GLADLY compare the quality of our work with anyones!  But, because we can't make this furniture new, we don't offer a return policy on any items of furniture we sell.  That is why we encourage you to inspect the items you wish to purchase.  We understand that these impressive pieces are investments, and that purchasing items off of the internet can be a scary proposition.  We want to put your mind as much at ease as we can.  We will be more than happy to send you as many pictures as you'd like of an item you're considering purchasing.  We can also honestly say that in all of these years, we've NEVER had a customer refuse to take their item because they weren't happy with it for any reason.      
     There is a similar return policy in regards to glassware.  The big difference with glassware is the insurance paid for by the purchaser allows you to solve the problem of damage to your glass with UPS.  All the glass items that we sell are flawless.  Therefore, there is a no return policy on any item. Should damage occur during shipping, the purchased insurance will allow the buyer to receive full restitution from the shipping company.