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refinished restored furniture - RJ Horner partner's desk

             Item #RF7

Wow!  I've seen 4 of these fantastic Horner partner's desks.  This is the only one I've owned.  Like item #RF2, (among others)  this is the best of Horner.  Beautifully carved sea serpents with wings, tremendous relief carving on the aprons and top, and all in quarter-sawn oak.  Repaired and refinished in a tremendous original golden oak color.  Don't pass me by because I'm becoming extinct!  54"W x 36" D x 28" T. 

Price:  $7,995
R. J. Horner Corner China Cabinet

            Item #RF8

I have preached rarity and scarcity as two of the most important criteria I consider when buying. Well, if this doesn't meet that criteria, then nothing does!  Signed R.J. Horner oak corner china cabinet with unique side glass panels.  So rare and scarce, this is the only one like it I have ever seen.  This, after buying all over this country and three Canadian provinces.  I don't have any dealer or collector friends who have seen this cabinet.  I did talk to a dealer from Maryland at Brimfield who claimed he owned one like it about 25 years ago.  This Horner piece has been completely restored with the original glass and wooden shelves.  The piece measures 74" T x 33" W x 24" D. 


Price:  $5,995

George Flint RJ Horner Antique Oak China Cabinet

            Item #RF9

As most people know, R.J. Horner teamed up with George Flint.  This beautiful corner china cabinet is one of George Flint's pieces.  It's a gorgeous piece, and shows why Flint was a popular maker just as Horner was.  This cabinet is very well made, and was a dream to refinish.  When you start out with a great piece of furniture, the refinishing process is much easier.  It's sturdy, all-original, and gorgeous.  This quartersawn oak piece still retains part of the original Flint Furniture Company sticker on the back.  It's been refinished inside and out, and would go great in that corner you've always wished had something there! Four wood shelves, great carving around the door, neat feet.  It's a nice piece.


Price:  $1,695

RJ Horner bedroom set

       Item #RF10

I have seen this R.J. Horner bedroom furniture a half-dozen times.  I've seen 2-piece sets, 3-piece sets, and one 4-piece set.  The piece missing from all of these sets is the cheval mirror.  The sets are always of the finest mahogany circa 1900.  We are offering a complete, 5-piece R.J. Horner bedroom set.   Everything about this R.J. Horner set is original, and has been masterfully refinished inside and out.  The lighting in our shop affects our photos at times, so it's a bit hard to see that all five pieces match each other perfectly in color.  Truly an unbelievable find and one of the best bedroom sets I've ever worked on.  I must note that this particular set was sold originally by Strawbridge and Clothier, a top retailer out of Philadelphia during this era.  The original Strawbridge and Clothier label is still found on the backs of the items. A gorgeous set!


Price:  $13,450

antique furniture Flint Horner bench

   Item #RF11

This massive carved bench I believe to be a Flint Horner piece circa 1905.  Unbelievably heavy, the carved winged griffins and intricately relief carved panels all combine to make this one of the finest benches we've ever offered.  Shamefully, I passed over this bench for a couple of years in a midwestern shop simply because it was buried underneath a large variety of small items!  It pays to look closely in some of these cluttered shops! 73" W x 36" T x 23" D.

Price:  $6,100

Flint Horner Antique restored American furniture
Flint Horner antique American furniture restored

             Item #RF12

I've owned three of these bedroom sets over the years, but I've never had the matching twin beds.  This is a Flint Horner three piece bedroom set that has been fully restored.  The set is made of beautiful ribbon mahogany, and has one of the prettiest dressers I've owned.  While we did not do the restoration on this particular set, whoever worked on it did a really nice job.  They even did the insides of the drawers which is something we always do, but often neglected by other finishers.  It's a beautiful job.  The set dates to 1905, give or take a couple of years, and it is a close resemblance to the 5-piece R.J. Horner set we have.  The dresser even has the secret drawer just like the Horner set.  This set bares the Flint label, but the Horner influence is there.  This is most likely a set made as the Flint Furniture Company and the R.J. Horner Company merged.  Truly a gorgeous set.


Price:  $7,000

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