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Timeless Antiquities

Timeless Antiquities......new in name only.  Our family has been specializing in the business of buying, selling, restoring, and refinishing American antique furniture since 1953 when my grandfather opened his antique furniture repair shop.  We have also, more recently, added a line of quality antique glassware to our business.  We currently offer select pieces of antique carnival glassware, and are in the process of adding antique Victorian American art glassware. 
I am the third generation to carry on the proud family tradition of working with antique furniture.  We confidently ask you to compare the quality of our refinishing work to anyones, and couple that with the quality pieces of antique furniture and glassware we select for resale.  We have been buying and selling antique Victorian furniture made by Thomas Brooks, John Jelliff, R.J. Horner, Flint & Horner, Mitchell & Rammelsberg, Wooton, Alexander Roux, C.W. Meeks, Belter, Hunzinger, Paine Furniture, and others long before these names achieved their present status.  Finally, compare price! The best work, the best line, and the best price! Sounds like the timeless American dream.

Timeless Antiquities is located just east of Fresno, in the heart of California's central valley. Give us a call at (559) 283-3563, or contact us at jackorjohn@timelessantiquities.com if a piece of antique furniture or glassware catches your eye.  Also, we're always looking to buy quality pieces of antique furniture and carnival glass.  Feel free to contact us about your items.  Thanks for looking at our site.